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Computer-related sites

[hit] 15 seconds
the leading online magazine for the Internet Information Server, ISAPI and Active Sever developers
ASP info, hints, tips, sample code, etc.
The home of practical computing. Some useful resources, but not comprehensive enough
[hit] Antivirus/Hoax Resource Guide
[hit] Ars Technica
The PC enthusiast's resource, including technology news, etc.
Backup your data online - up to 10Mb free!
[hit] BETA Galore
The Home of Beta Testers on the Net
[hit] BetaNews
Up-to-the-minute news on the latest beta test programs
Windows NT/2000 Resource Centre
[hit] BiosCentral
Info on Power On Selt Test (POST) and Beep codes for a range of BIOS and motherboards
Current version software at clearance prices!
[hit] Bud's Win95 Win98 Tips and Troubleshooter
[hit] BugNet
[hit] Bugtraq mailing list archive
Bugtraq is a full-disclosure security mailing list that has been running since 1993
Why pay more?
[hit] Communication Library
The definitive source of information on terms and issues related to the technology and business of telecommunications courtesy of MCI WorldCom
[hit] Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Coordination Center Generic Security Information
Publishes advisories covering security incidents
[hit] Computer Events Directory
[hit] Computing, computer software, hardware from
[hit] CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Provides information on security incidents, including hoaxes
[hit] Computer Information Centre
Links to manufacturers, trainers, developers, etc.
[hit] Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology
COAST - computer security information
[hit] Computer Stupidities
A large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users
[hit] Computer Technology (Engineering and Technology)
[hit] Computer TIPs
The only stop for technical information related to the PC computer (mostly hardware related)
[hit] Computing, computer software, hardware from
[hit] Computing.Net
The industry's first technical support site
[hit] Data Powers of Ten
Estimates of data quantities from a bit to a yottabyte
The leading online information service for VB, C++, Java, SQL, DHTML, Web development and more
Search or browse for device drivers
You need to register, but a useful resource including discussion boards on particular drivers
[hit] DriversHQ
Obtain the latest drivers for hardware from these links
[hit] DymanicDrive
DHTML and JavaScript code library
[hit] The Encyclopaedia of Computer Security (TECS)
[hit] The Easter Egg Archive
Hints and tips for finding Easter Eggs/Gang Screens/Credit Screens in products!
[hit] The Easter Egg Page
[hit] Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Donor-supported membership organization working to protect our fundamental rights regardless of technology. EFF opposes misguided legislation, initiates and defends court cases preserving individuals' rights, launches global public campaigns, introduces leading edge proposals and papers, hosts frequent educational events, engages the press regularly, and publishes a comprehensive archive of digital civil liberties information at one of the most linked-to websites in the world.
Real-time, person-to-person, computer support and training
[hit] File Extension Search Engine
Over 1,500 file extensions catalogued
[hit] Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
[hit] Free Online Computer Training
Including Windows NT, Access, Excel, etc!
[hit] Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
[hit] FTP Sites via WWW
[hit] Fyodor's Good Reading List
Links to a variety of technical resources on hacking, networking, security, etc
[hit] GameFAQs
Games reviews, hints, cheats, etc.
[hit] Gibson Research Corporation (GRC)
Great site for Internet Security information, including ShieldsUP! for testing your defences
[hit] Glossary of Terms
Courtesy of HP
[hit] GuruNet
Free one-click information service that works whenever you're online
[hit] Hacking Truths
What they don't teach in computer security manuals!
The most complete drivers compilation on the web
[hit] HelpOnThe.Net
Tech Support Guy - free help for Windows 95, 98 NT and more!
[hit] Help-Site computer manuals
Various useful articles categorised
[hit] HotDispatch
Your marketplace for exchanging technical expertise for software professionals and professionals who use software
[hit] answered for IT professionals
Expert answers to tough development questions, links to various computer publications, etc.
[hit] Jargon File Resources
The online version of The New Hacker's Dictionary
[hit]] John Savill's Windows NT/2000 FAQ
FAQ topiccs and discussion forums
[hit] Macmillan Publishing
Home of the "The Complete Idiot's Guides", QUE, SAMS, BradyGames and Macmillan Software
[hit] ModemHelp
Support for modems
[hit] Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers
Information on a wide range of old computers, including pictures, specifications and links to emulators
Articles and subweb sites contributed my participants in Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program
Your source for Nerdity Culture, Life and Work Styles
[hit] Netigen Web
Includes Tech News, Reviews, UI Tweaks, Freeware, Tips, etc.
[hit] Networking Next
A to Z of Networking, including links to software sites
[hit] Network Tools
Traceroute, Lookup, Ping, HTTP Headers, E-mail relay Check, and WHOIS Tools
[hit] NoWonder
Free technical support for Mac, Windows, Linux, BeOS, OS/2, Web, etc.
The web source of data recovery software for corrupted Microsoft Office files
[hit] PC Guide
One of the Internet's premier sites for detailed PC reference information
[hit] Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
Great resource for Outlook and Exchange problems/issues!
[hit] Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
This site is dedicated to providing all of the information you need to evaluate Microsoft's upcoming Windows operating systems
[hit] PCHelp Online
Well organised site with links to all the major hardware and software vendors
[hit] PC Show and Tell
Free computer help on a wide range of packages and web sites
[hit] Planet Source Code
The largest public source code database on the Internet
[hit] Printer Drivers
Find home-pages for manufacturers and device drivers
[new] Process Library
Free Process Information. Find the latest information about spywares, adwares, trojans, viruses, system processes and common applications
[hit] The Programmer's File Format Collection
This site contains file format information on hundreds of different file types and all sorts of other useful programming information
[hit] Programmers 500
Top programming sites in the world
[hit] Prograr Search
A programming search engine
Protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications
[hit] The Register
Daily IT news
Online network tools including whois, IP whois, locate USPIS, etc. Also home of the free Windows-based network tool of the same name
[hit] SANS Institute Online
The information you need about System Administration, Networking, and Security, including free newsletters
[hit] ScreenSavers A2Z
The Original and BIGGEST Screensaver Site on the Internet
[hit] The SFX Gallery
Search engine for sound effects and music samples
News for Nerds - stuff that matters
[hit] SpamCop
Identify who may be responsible for sending you e-mail
San Jose Mercury News - including AP Technology, Reuters Technology, Reuters Internet, etc.
[hit] SoftwareWow
Try software before you buy across the internet!
[hit] SourceBank
A search engine for programming resources, such as source code, algorithms, etc
[hit] Sunbelt Software Win NT Tools
The world's first and largest provider of 'Best of Breed' NT Utilities
Your online guide to spy and anti-spy software. Includes free online scanner for ActiveX Spyware at [hit]
SQL Server, SMS, IIS, Exchange, BackOffice, IIS, Windows (NT & 2000) information and FAQs
Hardware and productivity guide for IT pros and PC enthusiasts
[new] TACKteck
Your technical computer information resource
[hit] The Tech Page
Our database holds jumpers and specifications on thousands of hard drives from hundreds of manufacturers!
[hit] TechRepublic
Great collection of articles on a wide range of topics
[hit] Tech Support Guy
Free technical help for Windows 95, 98, NT and more
[hit] TechWeb
Loads of hints and tips and links to FAQs
[hit] TechWeb UK
News, events, reports, downloads, etc
[hit] Tek-Tips Forum
Forums for discussing a wide range of hardware and software
[hit] TERENA Guide to Network Resource Tools
The indispensable guide to network tools and services for users of all levels of expertise
[hit] The ThirdAge Online Signs & Symbols Glossary
Not just smileys :-), :-), but also abbreviations from A/S/L to ZZZ
[hit] TipWorld
This site collates daily tips, news, etc.
[hit] TipZone
Part of the ZDNet site
[hit] Tom's Hardware Guide
Lots of technical information, product reviews, etc.
[hit] TuneUp
Technical support for $4/month
[hit] UGeek
The Online Technology Resource. Includes ChipGeek and PDAGeek
[hit] Unified Computer Science Technical Reports Index
[hit] Urban Legends and Folklore
Includes Virus Hoaxes, the Darwin Awards, Netlore, etc.
[hit] Urban Legends Reference Pages
From the San Fernando Valley Folklore Society
[hit] Universal Hints System
Just the hints you need to help you complete a wide range of games
[hit] Usenet FAQs
Free service. Be informed on new versions of products you use.
[hit] Web Chalk Board
A great resource for web development; tutorials, scripts, news, ...
[hit] Webopedia
Online computer dictionary for internet terms and technical support
Over 2,000 individual encyclopedic definition/topics about information technology, and especially the Internet and computers
[hit] Windows IT Library
Free online technical reference library
[hit] Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks
Great resource for finding hidden registry keys, fixes, etc
The Web's #1 Resource for Windows Support/Drivers!
[hit]] Windows Guides Network
Technical resources and support to tweak, manage and secure the Windows operating system
[hit] WinPlanet
A world of premium Windows information and tutorials
[hit] The Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
Archive of useful data going back to 1992
[new] World of Windows Networking
Lots of information, hints and tips on networking
[hit] The WWW Virtual Library: Computing
[hit] Yahoo - Computers and Internet:News and Media:Magazines
[hit] Yahoo! Computers

Virus Information

[hit] Anti-Virus Hoax (Alert) Information
From the International Computer Security Association
[hit] avast! Anti-Virus Software
A range of a-v products, including free software for home use and avast! Virus Cleaner - free virus &smp; worm removal tool
[hit] AVG Anti-Virus
Range of products including a free individual/non-commercial package, and a free removal tools
[hit] BitDefender AntiVirus
Anti-virus software, removal tools an dfree online virus scanning at [hit]
[hit] CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Hoax e-mails
[hit] Computer Virus Hoaxes
[hit] F-Secure Virus Information Centre
Virus and hoax information
[hit] Eddy Willems Free Anti-Virus Consultancy
Links to over 1,100 anti-virus sites
[hit] Hoax warnings
From Data Fellows manufacturers of F-Secure
Includes Anti-Virus Center and McAfee FreeScan at [hit] and removal tool Stinger at [hit]
[hit] Network Associates
Includes AVERT Research Center, Virus Library
[hit] NOD32 Anti-Virus
[hit] Panda Software
They also have a free online scanner [hit] Panda ActiveScan
[hit] RAV Anti-Virus
Apart from their commercail products, they also have free anti-virus plugins for the main Instant Messaging systems (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc) and a free online scanner at [hit]
[hit] Sophos Anti-Virus
Includes virus alerts
[hit] Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
They also have free removal tools at [hit]
[hit] Trend Micros
Publishers of PC-Cillin. Includes virus alerts, hoaxes, etc. Free online scanning at [hit] and Damage Cleanup Engine at [hit]
[hit] Virus Library - Hoaxes
Courtesy of Network Associates
The truth about computer virus myths & hoaxes

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