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The main boxes I use in the office are Pentium IIs running Windows NT 4 with Service Pack 6a.

PC Equipment

The PC I get to use at the office is a Data General Pentium II with 128Mb of memory running Windows NT 4 Workstation. At home my wife has (from her office) an HP Vectra (Pentium) running Windows 95. My home PC is a Gateway Handbook 4 sub-notebook with 4Mb RAM, that I won in a competition. I keep on hoping I'll win a desktop PC - I can't afford to buy one!

PC Software

[hit]Operating Systems
Windows NT 4 WorkStation on my office PC, Windows 2000 on the main PC at home and MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on the sub-notebook
Most of my database work in now done in Access 97/Access 2000
[hit] QuickView Plus from Inso Corporation.
Excellent file viewer - knows hundreds of file formats. Great for browsing your disk and as an add-in for the Windows File Manager, Netscape Navigator and cc:Mail.
[hit] Sidekick from Starfish Software.
Simple, Easy-to-use PIM with Calendar, Address book, Notes, etc. I'd be lost without it! Problem is that it is no longer supported and doesn't run under Windows 2000 :-(
[hit] HTMLKit from Chami.
Great editor for web pages. Includes lots of useful plugins.
[hit] DameWare NT Utilities from Dameware
Brilliant collection of utilities for anyone involved with NT support and administration

Internet Software

[hit] ZoneAlarm from ZoneLabs.
Simlpe but effective personal (free) firewall.
[hit] TheBat! from RitLabs.
Another brilliant package - and this is shareware. e-mail handler for multiple e-mail accounts. Loads of settings and configuration options.

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