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I decided to start this page when I realised some of my friends and colleagues were establishing themselves on the Web. I then started to get e-mail requests for sites to be added to my bookmarks. Where these fell naturally into a category, they were added there, but that left some that didn't belong. and hence, this page.

[hit] The Budd Family Home Page
Bill Budd had the (mis)fortune to be one of my work colleagues.
[hit] Cosmic's Home World
Andre Vandals's site specialises in Science Fiction Movies, TV and Quotations
[hit] David Pentecost's Home Page
David specialises in providing IT Consultancy to UK law firms and typesetting sheet music
[hit] Kew Association Football Club
Designed and maintained by my ex-colleague Russell Smith. In his spare(!) time he develops Web sites and is currently working on one for Solar Radio. Russell can me contacted at
[hit] Ros Mari's Jewelery Store
Ros-Mari specialises in hand-made jewelry using semi-precious gemstones, such as: hematite, agate, jasper, mother of pearl and fresh water pearls. Products include necklaces and earrings - order online!
From my ex-colleague Phil Howe. Includes photos of his and his friend's jeeps and their exploits!

If you would like to see your pages added here, please e-mail me the details of your pages, plus, for my information, how you discovered my pages.

Note: Links with a [hit] have recently been tested and found to be active, links with a [miss] have not been tested, or failed to respond


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