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[hit] 10 Downing Street
Home of the British Prime Minister
[hit] Air Accident Investigation Branch
[hit] Bank of England
[hit] British Army
[hit] The British Council
Promotes partnerships between Britain and other countries.
[hit] The British Library
[hit] The British Monarchy
Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family
[hit] British Standards Institute
[hit] Central Office of Information
[hit] CIA
[hit] City of London Corporation
[hit] Companies House
Information about registered companies including a search of disqualified directors!
[hit] Customs & Excise
[hit] Data Protection Commission
[hit] Department of Trade and Industry
[hit] Direct Access Government
One-stop-shop for guidance and advice on a wide range of UK regulations
[hit] Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
[hit] Europe
[hit] European Patent Office
[hit] FBI
Federal Bureau of Investigation
[hit] Federal Aviation Authority - Aviation Safety Data
Includes reports on more than 100,000 incidents, with search engine. See what happened to your plane on previous flights, etc.
[hit] FedWorld Information Network
Official website for searching the US Government pages
[hit] Foreign & Commonwealth Office
[hit] Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Travel Advice
[hit] GovBot
GovBot Web site is an index of more than 840,000 U.S. government and military Web sites
[hit] Government Pages Functional Index - Local Government
[hit] Health & Safety Executive
[hit] Inland Revenue
[hit] Local Government Directory
[hit] Meteorological Office
[hit] Metropolitan Police
[hit] National Statistics - the official (government) statistics site
[hit] The National Trust
[hit] Office of Fair Trading
[hit] Office of Government Commerce
[hit] Ordnance Survey
[hit] Patent Office
[hit] Post Office
[hit] Public Record Office
The National Archives of the UK
[hit] Trading Standards Central
Trading Standards and Consumer Protection information for the UK
[hit] United Kingdom Parliament
Includes information on The House of Commons, The House of Lords, Bills before Parliament, etc.
[hit] United Kingdom Passport Agency
Everything you need to know about applying for, renewing or amending a passport can be found in these pages
[hit] United Nations
[hit] US Census Bureau
[hit] US Department of Justice
[hit] US Geological Survey
[hit] US Library of Congress
[hit] US Postal Service
[hit] White House

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