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Internet-related sites

[hit] 100hot
Top 100 sites in 35 categories
Submit your site to 25 leading search engines
[hit] Andre Bacard's Privacy Page
People, Software & Ideas to Protect Your Computer, Financial, Internet & Political Privacy
[hit] Apache HTTP Server project
The site of the number one free HTTP Web Server
[hit] An Atlas of Cyberspace
This is an atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other emerging Cyberspaces
[hit] BotSpot
Information and links to Bots and Agents
[hit] CataList
The catalog of Listserv lists
[hit] CheckDomain
See if your domain is still available
[hit] Cool Site of the Day
[hit] Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
[hit] did-it
The search engine specialists, including submission service
[hit] The Directory of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
[hit] Domain Atlas
Search all registered domain names in all countries, find new domains
[hit] Domain Name Registration - Cheap!
From US$9.95 per year. Also has a useful Domain Name Finder tool
[hit] Glossary of Internet Terms
Information on security-related outbreaks by the SANS Institute. Includes information on Alerts and News, Detection, Protection, etc.
[hit] InfoJunkie
The Internet News Navigator
News, resources, downloads, etc
[hit] Internet Errors Explained
[hit] The Internet FAQ Consortium
Everything about FAQs including how to create new FAQs, formatting, archives, etc.
[hit] InternetSeer
Web site monitoring service. Monitors up to two URLs for free to see how available the site is
[hit] Internet Query Tools
Check if a domain exists, look at DNS entries, WhoIs, InterNIC queries, etc.
[hit] Internet Traffic Report
Displays a graphical representation of Internet traffic around the world, down to region level. Keeps track of throughput on certain key routers and how they are performing
[hit] Internet Weather Report
Animated maps of current internet lag
[hit] ISPreview
Official UK Internet Service Provider information source
The Email List Owner and Ezine Publisher Resource Network
Collaborative repoting of security attacks and incident tracking
[hit] NetBenefit
Check for .com, .org, .net and .uk domains
[hit] NetLingo Dictionay of Internet Words
A glossary of online jargon with definitions of terminology
[hit] NetStat
See network statistics by backbone provider
[hit] Netcraft Web Site Finder
What is the site running? SSL queries, etc.
[hit] Network Solutions
Domain Name Registration Services from the .com people. Search .com, .org and .net domains
[hit] Newbie-U: New User University
Helping Newbies Become Knowbies - Online!
[hit] NORMOS: Internet Engineering Standards Repository
Archive for RFCs and other internet-based standards
[hit] PositionGuardian
Pay-per-click search engine positioning
Domain Name Registration Service
[hit] B&R Samizdat Express: Internet trends, reading, fiction, etexts
Fascinating pages by Richard Seltzer
[hit] Search Engine Watch
Guide to the search engines, how they work, etc.
[hit] StatMarket
Statistics on which are the most popular browsers, operating systems, screen colours, etc.
[hit] Usenet FAQs
your guide to resources about usenet , nntp servers , usenet software and ....more!
[hit] VoyCabulary
VoyCabulary transforms any webpage into links to Dictionary or Thesaurus lookups
[hit] Yahoo! Computers and Internet - Internet
Domain name searching. Also includes ability to search on deleted domain names

Free e-mail/Web space/other services

[hit] 1 2 Free
The Ultimate UK Free Resource
[hit] Altavista Mail
[hit] AmExMail
Registers addresses at
[hit] Angelfire
Free e-mail and Web space - from Lycos
Up to 20 e-mail addresses from over 6,000 domains
[hit] AOL Hometown
Up to 12 Mb of Web space
Add a search engine to your web site. Free for sites with less than 500 pages
[hit] Bigfoot
[hit] CertifiedMail
Provides secure message delivery and tracking through your web browser
[hit] CJB.NET - free URL redirection service
Also includes URL cloaking, path forwarding, mail forwarding, chat rooms, etc
[hit] Digital Mail - Email for Everyone free for UK residents
[hit] Easyspace
Up to 25Mb of Web space
A service of Snap
[hit] Excite Mail and Voicemail
[hit] Favemail
Web-based e-mail that lets you add graphic banners
[hit] FetchMail
Web based e-mail
[hit] Filesanywhere
50Mb free disk space
[hit] Filetopia
Free software and services designed to enable users to exchange information in a private, personalized, effective, secure, fun, interactive and easy way
[hit] FortuneCity
Also offer 100Mb of free Web space
Up to 100Mb of storage
Get up to 50MB of file storage on the web...FREE
[hit] Free Disk Space
Up to 300Mb of disk space
[hit] FreeDrive
Upload, store, retrieve, and share 50Mb of any type of data for FREE
[hit] FreeIndex
Ultimate source for finding webmaster and Internet related freebies
[hit] Free ISPs
Free internet service providers directory from around the globe
[hit] Freeserve
The first UK ISP to offer a free service
[hit] Hotmail
Microsoft's offering :-(
[hit] iForward
[hit] iName A Complete Email Experience
Domains available include,,, etc. Some chargeable domain names are available e.g:,,, etc.
[hit] Juno
[hit] JustOn
Store up to 50Mb of files
[hit] MailCity
[hit] MyMail
[hit] Myspace
Up to 300Mb free space
[hit] Net@ddress
Registers addresses at
Your own personal internet hard drive - up to 100Mb free
[hit] NetTaxi Nettaxi Online Communities - Internet The City
Free e-mail and Web space
Free voicemail, e-mail and fax - all in one place!
[hit] OneCenter
Offers Free homepage space, guestbooks and discussion forums
[hit] OnShare
Free file sharing
[hit] PINmail
Web-based e-mail with auto-forwarding option
Establish a global presence with your very own portableoffice. Free e-mail, calendar, address book, chat room, message board, 4Mb of file space, etc
[hit] Postmaster
Europe's first FREE Web-base Email Service
Web based email service offering multiple addresses, email from external POP accounts, folders, multiple footers, etc. purpleturtle donates a percentage of all revenue received to Sea Turtle conservation.
Free WebDrive (20Mb), PIM, bookmarks, e-mail, etc.
[hit] Switchboard
Offer free e-mail storing or forwarding and free home-page
[hit] ThatWeb
Free web-based Email retrieval site
Free Web site statistics
Run Microsoft Office-compatible applications across the Web for Free!
[hit] Tripod
Offers free web space
[hit] Tripod UK
Offers free web space
[hit] TSX: Technosite Exchange
URL redirection service
VoyCabulary transforms any webpage into links to Dictionary or Thesaurus lookups
Free WEb hosting and e-mail
[hit] X:Drive
25Mb of FREE storage space on the Internet
[hit] Yahoo! Geocities
Free Web space; one of the host sites for these pages
[hit] Yahoo! Mail

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