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[hit] The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
AFU is the alt.folklore.urban newsgroup
[hit] Bizarre Magazine
[hit] BU's Interactive WWW Games
Includes Tic-Tac-Toe, Pegs, Wumpus, etc
[hit] The Center for the Easily Amused
Trivia, fun and games, etc.
[hit] Central Notice
Announcements, product recalls, consumer complaints, etc.
[hit] CallServe
Europe's No1 internet telephone provider
[hit] ClueMaster
British crossword puzzles, word searches and word games
[hit] Cyberpuss - a cat's homepage
[hit] Distin Savone
A weekly roundup of ten offbeat web sites with concise commentary and opinion on their content
[hit] duJour
Games, contests, on this day, etc.
[hit] Earthview
Spectacular picture of the Earth and Moon, plus satellite images of major cities
[hit] Easter Egg Archive
Info on gang/credit screens
[hit] Electric Postcard
[hit] Gadget
The newsletter for grown-up kids, including Consumer Alerts
[hit] Intellicast World Weather
[hit] Internet Anagram Server
Did you know Schoolmaster = The classroom, and Clint Eastwood = Old West Action? These and many more. If the server is busy, it will only accept short text to check
[hit] IP Address to Latitude and Longitude
[hit] JigZone
Picture jigsaw puzzles that change every day
[hit] Koshiro's Animated Origami
Origami, it's history and animated instructions for six shapes!
[hit] Lee's Useless Arabic to Roman Numeral Converter
Convert any number between 1 and 3,999 to Roman notation
[hit] Lego site
[hit] Life expectancy
[hit] Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
[hit] Monopoly
Everything about the game!
[hit] Natural History Museum
[hit] NeoPets
Create a virtual pet!
[hit] News of the Weird
[hit] P45 - Wasting time @ work
Jokes, pranks, silly programs, etc
[hit] Personality and IQ Tests
Just what sort of person are you?
[hit] Screen Savers Bonanza
Searchable collection of over 500 screen savers
[hit] Tarot Reading
[hit] The Phone Company - Fax from the Internet
[hit] Scrabble Rack
A collection of tools for the game including word finders!
[hit] Screen Saver Heaven
See how much IT trivia you know - you can even be mailed a new question each day!
[hit] UK National Lottery
Trivia, quotes, quizes, useless facts and more!
[hit] Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Weird uses for all sorts of household products from Alka-Seltzer to waxed floss!
[hit] Web economy bullshit generator
[hit] World Birthday Web
[hit] World Population
[hit] Yoursky
Charts of the night sky for anywhere on the earth
[hit] Zodiac House

[Miscellaneous Links] [Cameras and Devices on the Internet]

Cameras and Devices on the Internet

[hit] AfriCam
The world's first virtual game reserve, including eight wildlife cameras
[hit] AllCam
Links to thousands of WebCams around the world
[hit] The Amazing Fish Cam!
[hit] AntCam
[hit] Big Ben Cam
[hit] Bradford Robotic Telescope
[hit] CamCities
WebCams by country
[hit] CamVista
Europe's leading live webcam and webcast site featuring cams throughout England, Scotland and Ireland
[hit] Camera on San Francisco
[hit] Cayman Turtle Farm WebCam
[hit] EarthCam
Directory of cameras on the Net
[hit] Earth and Moon Viewer
Views from various satellites, etc.
[hit] Hollywood Sign Camera
This Dutch programmer has wired up his whole house to the internet!
[hit] Inside Jason's Office
[hit] Jailcam
Four web cams (some with audio) from Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Arizona
[hit] KremlinKam
Includes some panorama views of the area around the Kremlin
Webcams indexed by country
[hit] Leonard's Cam World
Links to over 800 cameras
Live camera images from around the world
[hit] Lobster Cam
[hit] Loch Ness Live!
See if you can spot Nessie!
[hit] NOLA Live BourboCAM
From Bourbon Street in New Orleans
[hit] Princess Cruise Lines
Includes BridgeCam, updated every 60 seconds via satellite, live from the bridge of Grand Princess
[hit] South Florida starts here
Features web cameras of the beaches, waterways and pets!
[hit] Seattle Met Traffic Flow
[hit] Space Science and Engineering Center - Volcano Watch
Satellite images showing the world's 10 most active volcanoes
[hit] Team Tulsa
Several cameras at KJRH, a Tulsa, Oklahoma TV station
[hit] Tele-Garden
[hit] TerraServer
Microsoft test site of satellite images
[hit] Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
[hit] Ultimate Camera Page
[hit] United States Live Web Cams
[hit] University of Nevada - Reno Seismology Laboratory
Look at the earthquake helicorder drums
[hit] University of Ulm Model Railway
[hit] Vauxhall Traffic Information UK Map
[hit] Ventura Beach, California
You can control where this camera points and the zoom factor - read number plates of cars!
[hit] Wearable Wireless Webcam
[hit] Webcams in ski resorts around the world
Almost 1,000 webcams from 28 countries
[hit] WebViews
The leading UK webcam web site featuring live web camera images of some of Scotland's, England's and Ireland's most famous landmarks
[hit] Welcome to Paul Haas's other web server
Check out the temperature in his fridge, or his hottub!
[hit] Where in the World is Xavier, the Robot?
[hit] Yahoo - Computers and Internet - Devices Connected to the Internet
Including cameras, clocks, machines, etc.

[Miscellaneous Links] [Cameras and Devices on the Internet]

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