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Reference Information

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Human guides, human interests. Expert guidance from hundreds of guides
[hit] Acronym Finder
Look up 127,700 acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings. A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.
Ask an expert your question! I am one of the volunteers answering questions on Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands
Search by any element of plot, theme, character, or setting to find precisely the book you are looking for
[hit] Altavista Babelfish Translation Service
[hit] The American-British British-American Dictionary
Entertaining site highlighting the differences between the languages
A new Internet-based art museum experience, presented by Intel Corporation
Great books online, including Gray's Anatomy, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, the works of Shaeskeare, English Usage, and many, many more!
[hit] The Better Homes And Gardens
[hit] Bibliomania - The Network Library
Includes Brewer's Dictionary of Phrases and Fables, and Simond's A Student's History of American Literature
[hit] Biographical Dictionary
The Web's best bios - over 15,000 personalities
[hit] British Library
Online calculators for scientific functions, currency conversion, unit conversion, time calculation, financial transactions, etc
[hit] Calculators On-Line Center
Links to over 5,000 online calculators
[hit] Calendar Zone
Comprehensive categorized calendar catalog currently containing countless correlating connections & calzone recipes!
[hit] UNCAT The Catalog of UNCATaloged Titles
[hit] Central Notice
Announcements, product recalls, etc.
[hit] Cliché Finder
Over 3,300 clichés indexed!
Free, legal, inside information on the companies you select
[hit] Complete Works of William Shakespeare
[hit] - Interactive Units Converters
calculators for Weight and Mass, Distance and Length, Capacity and Volume, Area, Speed, Temperature, Time, Pressure, Energy, Work and Torque, Power, Circular Measure and Computer Storage
[hit] Cyberpedia
The living encyclopedia from cyberspace
[hit] Daily Almanac
The original Web-based Almanac
[hit] December List
One consolidated listing of key Internet sites
[hit] Desktop Lawyer
Based on UK law
English dictionaries, jargon dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, etc
[hit] Dictionary of English Slang and colloquialisms of the UK
Fascinating facts free
[hit] DW3 Classical Music Resources
The World's most comprehensive collection of classical music links
[hit] eHow
The fast and easy way to find out how to do just about anything
[hit] Electric Library
[hit] Encarta
The Internet's premiere free encyclopedia
[hit] Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line
[hit] Encyclopaedia Mythica
For the history of mythology and folklore
The expert experience
[hit] ExpertCentral
Get the answers you need from real experts
[hit] Experts Exchange
The #1 knowledge sharing community on the web
[hit] The Exploding Dictionary
They have taken a set of publicly available dictionaries, indexed them into a SQL database, and then cross-referenced them to near death. :)
[hit] FamilySearch
Internet Genealogy Service from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
[hit] FAQ Finder
[hit] FIND/SVP
A Worldwide Research and Consulting firm
"a better search result"
[hit] Free Internet Encyclopedia
Translate French, German and Spanish to English and vice versa, plus English to Italian and Portuguese
[hit] Grolier Encyclopedia
[hit] History of Science, Technology and Medicine
[hit] How Stuff Works
Learn about how things work in the world around you, including engines, computers, the internet, the telephone and many more!
[hit] Information Please
On-line dictionary, internet encyclopedia and almanac reference
[hit] Information SuperLibrary
[hit] Internet Classics Archive
Collection of Greek and Roman texts
[hit] Internet Public Library
[hit] Jumble and Crossword Solver
Unscramble scrambled words or look-up words using ? for the unknown letters
[hit] Knowledge Hound
"How-to" guides for just about anything!
[hit] KnowUK
An online collection of reference material including Who's Who, Hansard, various Year Books, Biographies, etc
[hit] The Last Word
From the New Scientist Magazine; science questions and answers
Over one million lawyers and information about the law (US based)
Complete online legal resource
[hit] LawRights
Free legal information for England and Wales
[hit] Learn Everything
How to tie a tie, jump-start a car, etc.!
[hit] Library of Congress
[hit] Lives, the Biography Resource
The electronic law library
[hit] Measure 4 Measure
A collection of interactive sites that estimate, calculate, evaluate, translate, etc.
[hit] MegaConverter
Convert from one unit of measurement to another
[hit] Museum Computer Network
Links to over 500 museums on the Web
[hit] Museums in the USA
[hit] MuseumNet
Museums in the UK
[hit] netLibrary
Large collection of eBooks to read
[hit] OneLook Dictionaries
This Web site combines the power of nearly 1,000 dictionaries and over 6,000,000 words at your fingertips. Includes wildcard pattern search and a reverse dictionay search
[hit] Online Dictionaries
Pointers to over 60 foreign language dictionaries
[hit] The Online Literature Library
[hit] Physics and Science Reference by
Constant, equations, conversion, and loads more!
[hit] Project Gutenberg
[hit] The Quotations Page
Quotations on every topic, by every author and in every fashion possible
[hit] Quotez
Over 5,000 quotes indexed by subject and author
Best source for facts on the net
[hit] Reference Shelf
Area Codes, Jargon, Quotations, Dictionaries, etc.
Family-friendly web site that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current web-based resources
[hit] Research Index
The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
[hit] Research-It!
Dictionary, thesaurus, maps, area codes, etc.
[hit] Roget's Thesaurus Search Form
Search by text or headwords
Find electronic books online
[hit] ScienceNet
ScienceNet is a free science information service, staffed by scientists who are expert in explaining complex topics in everyday language
Teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school!
[hit] Stochastic Language Identifier
This program will attempt to identify automatically the language of a sentence, phrase, or word of your choosing
[hit] Study Web
Pointers to educational information on the Web
The world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols
[hit] TextCat Language Guesser Demo
Type in some text and it will try to identify the language
Indexed alphabetically or by categories. Also Fun & Games, Translator, Word of the Day, etc.
[hit] The Smoking Gun
Exclusive documents -- cool, confidential, quirky -- that can't be found elsewhere on the Web
[hit] This Day In History
From the History Channel. Information divided up into Automotive history, Civil War History, Crime history, Literary history, Technology history, Wall Street history and World War II history
[hit] Today in History
[hit] Today in History
From American Memory - Library of Congress
[hit] Today-in-History
From Lists historic events and birthdays
Online tutorials on a wide range of topics, from computing, internet, programming, etc to removing tree stumps, spinning a basketball and crocheting!
[hit] The Unbound Bible
Search over 20 different versions of the Bible
[hit] list of mailing lists
[hit] Units of Measurement
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement from a (annus - year) to zoll (German inch)
[new] Urban Legends Reference Pages
Categories include: Automobiles, Business, Cokelore, College, Computers, Crime, Critter Country, Disney, Food, History, Holidays, Horrors, Humor, Language, Legal Affairs, Lost Legends, Love, Luck, Medical, Military, Movies, Music, Photo Gallery, Pregnancy, Questionable Quotes, Radio & Television, Religion, Science, Sex, Sports, Titanic, Travel, Weddings, Wooden Spoons, Rumors of War, etc.
[hit] US Geological Survey
[hit] The Virtual Reference Desk
[hit] WebMuseum
A collection of art work from around the world
[hit] A Web of On-line dictionaries
Dictionaries in over 200 languages, including Vulcan!
[hit] The Word Detective on the Web
[hit] The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
[hit] World Wide Web Virtual Library
[hit] World Wide Web Virtual Library Museums Page
[hit] World Wide Words
Devoted to the English language - its history, quirks, curiosities and evolution
[hit] Xplore Reference
The Web's reference engine. Free encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, quotations, etc.
[hit] Yahoo!: Today in History
[hit] Ye Olde English sayings
Origins of phrases like "Son of a gun", "Saved by the bell", etc

Health and Medical references/sites

Information about drugs, medical conditions, clinical trials, etc
[hit] British Heart Foundation
A charitable organisation that aims to play a leading role in the fight against heart diseased
[hit] CancerGuide
Dedicated to helping you find the answers to your questions about cancer
[hit] CyberDocs
Consult a physician from the convenience of your home, from work, while on vacation, or while at school, and do so from almost anywhere in the world!
[hit] A Doctor in Your House
Healthcare information, designed to inform, empower and entertain
Health information and resources, medical encyclopedia, etc
[hit] HealthFinder
A gateway consumer health and human services information web site - a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
[hit] Health In Focus
Comprehensive health information, links to associated specialist web sites, late night chemists, etc
[hit] Health On The Web Foundation
Search the Internet and their database for healthcare Websites, hospitals and support
[hit] Healthworks Online
Daily Health & Medical News from around the world
[hit] IntelliHealth
Comprehensive medical encyclopedia from Aetna U.S. Healthcare and Johns Hopkins University and Health System
[hit] Learn CPR
A free public service to provide you with all the information you need to learn the basics of CPR
[hit] MASTA (Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad)
Minding your health abroad
[hit] Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
Reliable information for a healthier life. Includes information on cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease and more
Website hosted by leading UK medical consultants providing comprehensive health information online
[hit] Medscape
The online resource for better patient care
[hit] Merck Manual of Medical Information
Your source for complete and comprehensive medical information
The UK's independent medical website
[hit] NHS Direct
Your gateway to health information on the internet
[hit] OncoLink
A University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource
[hit] Online Medical Dictionary
[hit] Organising Medical Networked Information (OMNI)
The UK's gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources
[hit] A Patient's Guide to Healthcare Information on the Internet
A step-by-step guide to locating and researching medical conditions on the Internet
[hit] Patient UK
Information about health issues primarily from UK sources.
[hit] PlanetRx
Online Pharmacy & Drugstore
[hit] QuackWatch
Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions
[hit] SurgeryDoor
The UK's leading Online Health Service
Free medical education and information
[hit] US National Library of Medicine
The world's largest medical library and creator of MedLine
[hit] WebMD
Health has a homepage

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