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The latest electronic products direct to your door - worldwide
The leading Internet retailer of consumer electronics
On-line discount warehouse
[hit] Books!
Earth's biggest bookstore
Now in the UK

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[hit] The Auction Guide
With a search engine to help you find the merchandise you want
[hit] AuctionWatch
One stop secure store for discounts online
[hit] Barnes & Noble
Claims to be the world's largest bookseller
[hit] The Best of British Mail-Order
A better place to buy software
[hit] BidnBuy
European online auctions
Originator on the TV/Web auction business
[hit] BidFind
World Wide Web Auction Search
A wide selection of quality branded goods at outstanding prices
All the Web's Best Stores, Ranked According to Your Needs
[hit] BlackBox Online Catalogue
[hit] bluefly!
The outlet store in your home
[hit] BOL
The British bookshop on the Internet
[hit] UK-based comparison shopping for books, checking the price on 14 online sites
Books by air world-wide
[hit] Borders
Online books, music & video store
A revolution in shopping
[hit] Buckingham Gate
Quintessentially the Best from Britain
The Internet Superstore
[hit] makes finding the best technological solution easy and intuitive
[hit] Buyer's Index
Search 15,000 Web shopping sites
[hit] Clickdeco
Accessories for your home, from cushions to lights
[hit] C| - Hardware
[hit] CDnow
Your music, your store
Access to over 1,000 online businesses. Driven by a large Shockwave front-end :-(
An independent UK comparison shopping site that finds and compares the best prices on a wide range of products and services, from camcorders to chart CDs
[hit] Chumbo
The ultimate source
[hit] - (UK)
The choice of the consumer. See reviews of products, services, places, etc by the people who have used them! Ciao! also have sites for [hit] France, [hit] Germany, [hit] Italy and [hit] Spain
[hit] City Auction
[hit] CNET Auctions
US auction site
[hit] The Complainer
Your internet resource for complaining to, and getting satisfaction from, over 1,000 leading U.K. companies
[hit] Computer Bargains
UK company specialising in selling Brand New, Surplus & End of Line Products at below factory prices
[hit] Computer Manual Online Bookstore
Specialised UK dealer
[hit] Computer Prices UK
Your guide to the lowest prices on computers and hardware - what to buy and where to buy it
Consumer-generated product reviews to help you make smart buying decisions
[hit] Consumer World
[hit] CyberShop
[hit] Cybertown Shopping Mall
The independent web magazine for day trippers and visitors to Calais, France buying wine, beer, spirits, tobacco and food
[hit] DealDeal
Auction deals & bargains on computers, etc
US comparison shopping service
[hit] Debenhams
[hit] Downtown Anywhere - Main Street
Impartial price comparison website in the following categories: flights, entertainment, insurance, audi-visual, photographic and computing
[hit] eBay Online Auctions
Trading place for hardware, software and peripherals
[hit] eBid
UK Online auction house
[hit] E-Mart
[hit] EcoMall
Green-friendly products
[hit] Empire Direct
Your one-stop online electrical store... with the UK's lowest price guarantee
[hit] eShop
A MSN site
[hit] eSmarts
Internet guide to bargain shopping
[hit] Euroshops
[hit] ExciteStores
[hit] FashionMall
Event auctions
'ferrets out' the best promotions and offers found in the large grocery supermarkets
Best bargains and deals
[hit] Freeserve Shopping
[hit] fsauctions
Auction site from Freeserve
[hit] General Auctions
South London Auction House
[hit] Glass Wings
[hit] Greasby's London
South London Auction House
Buy & sell books, videos, music, games, etc (US based)
[hit] Harrods
This world famous shop is now celebrating its 150th anniversary
[hit] Interactive Super Mall
[hit] Internet Bookshop
Europe's largest online bookshop
[hit] Internet Liquidators International
Hold Dutch Auctions online
[hit] Innovations
Collection of stores built at
[hit] iShop
The UK's leading on-line shopping centre
[hit] I Want to
Over 3,200 shops in this mall
The Excite product finder
UK shopping site and free ISP
[hit] Kite Shop
[hit] Las Olas Blvd. Online
UK based. Travel, Entertainment, Breaks, Presents and Auctions!
The on-line off-licence
Co-buying the intelligent way
[hit] London Calling
[hit] Louis Vuitton
[hit] The Mall of America
The largest shopping mall in the world!
[hit] Marble Halls
[hit] MarketNet
[hit] Marks & Spencer
[hit] MoonShop
Buy your own property on the moon - over 1,777 acres for less than $16!
Comparison shopping
[hit] myTAXI
UK shopping site
[hit] NECX Direct
[hit] NetMarket
[hit] Netsurfer Marketplace
[hit] Online Scotland
Online technology store
America's online family auction store
Price comparison engine for PC goods and consumer electronics
Name your price for airline tickets, hotels, cars, etc.
The online guide to high street bargains (UK)
Price comparison engine
[hit] PriceWatch
Tracks street prices for computer products
[hit] Prime Outlets
Manufacturers' outlet centers throughout the United States
[hit] QXL
Europe's Online Auction
[hit] QVC
Television shopping channel
[hit] Regent Street
One of London's leading shopping streets
[hit] RoboShopper
The fastest and easiest way to comparison shop for the best values on the web!
[hit] Sainsbury's
[hit] Scan Computer International
UK based selling PCs, hardware and software, including daily specials!
[hit] Screenshop
Online shopping for toys, kitchenware, DIY, health & beauty; musics and videos, etc
The easiest way to shop!
[hit] ShopGuide
Online shopping portal featuring search engine, with over 20,000 online stores, malls and cyber shops
Bargains at over 30 top online stores
[hit] Shoppers Universe
UK shopping portal
[hit] Shopping2000 (ContentWare)
Comprehensive shopping directory, local shopping guides, sales alerts, etc.
[hit] ShoppingTheWorld
An international shopping experience!
[hit] ShopSmart
From Barclaycard. Details of over 900 safe retailers spanning 16 categories. Includes Price Scan - compares prices on books, music, videos and games
[hit] ShopsOnTheNet
Europe's largest shopping portal with over 3,000 sites in the directory
[hit] Softdisk
[hit] Taxiweb
Offers a free online shopping assistant bringing together over 2,500 retail sites, including the ability to compare prices
[hit] Tesco
Impartial, independent online advice about products in a wide range of categories
[hit] uBid
US auction site
[hit] Used Computer Exchange
Clearing house for buyers and sellers
[hit] Used Computer Mall
Used brand-name PCs
[hit] Valuemad
Valuemad’s comparison shopping robot [Compare_bot] does the shopping for you
[hit] Virgin Net - Shopping Offers
UK shopping site
Collection of UK on-line stores, from to WH Smiths
[hit] Waterstones
One of the UK's leading bookshops
Why shop when you can swap?
[hit] Yahoo! Shopping (UK)
Books, clothing, computers, food and drink, etc
[hit] Zoom
UK portal and free ISP

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